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Welcome to the new and improved version of the Van Nuys Airport e-newsletter - Flight Tracks. In this edition, you will find news and information about the airport and airport-related events as well as an upcoming calendar of local community events.   [more]

On March 20, together with the Greater Van Nuys Rotary club, we recognized deserving teachers and students at the 7th annual Teacher Mini-Grant and Young Achievers awards ceremony.

When most people think of “Groundhog Day,” they think of the past repeating itself, over and over. But this Groundhog Day was an opportunity to take a glimpse into the future: VNY hosted 20 local high school students and gave them a hands-on look at potential careers in aviation.

In February, VNY’s own Dee Lewis spent a week in Cambodia volunteering her time so that needy, deserving children could receive essential medical and dental services, truly changing their lives for the better. Together, Dee and her fellow volunteers provided 109 children with dental services and 194 people with medical attention.

City of Los Angeles Ordinance #181106, the Noisier Jet Phase Out, was established in 2010, but one new sub-section went into effect at the beginning of this year, banning the arrival or takeoff of aircraft that create noise levels of 80dBa or higher. Aircraft that may be included in this portion of the Noisier Jet Phase Out include certain Gulfstreams, Hawkers, and Learjets.

Everyone knows in an emergency they should call 9-1-1.

But what if you notice someone suspicious near airport property? Or if you want to report a safety concern? Or if you see a crime in progress?

VNY is Ready for its Close-up! - 4/23/2014 03:23:04 PM

Here’s something to inspire some VNY pride: millions of moviegoers and TV watchers around the world know the airport from scores of big-budget Hollywood productions, including Casablanca, Lethal Weapon, Con Air, Almost Famous, the Oscar®-winning Crash and Oceans 13, not to mention television shows such as Scandal, Revenge, CSI and Entourage -- and literally dozens of other films, shows and videos.

The life of famed World War II aviator, Robert “Bob” Hoover, is one to rival any Hollywood blockbuster. Among many other achievements, the pilot was shot down in the war, spent 16 months as a POW, and escaped by flying a commandeered German plane. Hoover went on to earn the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, and Purple Heart for his military service. He also had a long, storied career in aviation advocacy, service, and innovation.

The National Business Aviation Association’s Silk Scarf award is one of our industry’s highest honors, recognizing and paying tribute to outstanding career contributions. In February 2014, it was presented to Curt Castagna, a hero in the local aviation industry.

More than 500 shelter dogs enjoyed a true Christmas Miracle at the Third Annual Wings of Rescue Holiday Airlift as they were whisked away to 11 cities in the Pacific Northwest aboard 14 flights leaving Van Nuys Airport, saving each from euthanasia.

This program, held in conjunction with the Greater Van Nuys Rotary Club, honors San Fernando Valley middle school students (grades 6-8) for leadership in a variety of areas, both in and out of the classroom. Please tell us about the positive contributions your students have made to their school and/or community in the following categories: